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성형연삭기 5축 CNC 컨트롤

LCIA(Low Cost Intelligent Automation)을 지향하는 (주)진영코퍼레이션은 수동형 성형연삭기에 PC base의 CNC Control 기능을 추가하여 5축 연삭기를 제공하혔습니다. 고객에 특화된 솔루션을 단시간에 제공함으로써 상호 WIN-WIN하는 프로젝트를 성공하였습니다. 제품 및 Engineering에 대한 문의는 1855-0158로 해주시면 감사하겠습니다.

두산 Lynx XG600 CNC 수평형 터닝 센터 쿼츠 세라믹 연삭 가공기

최대 가공 직경 600mm인 쿼츠 세라믹 연삭 가공기, Lynx XG600을 소개합니다!
5000 r/min의 연삭 스핀들을 보유하여 연삭 가공에 유리하며, 가공 정밀도와 장비 내구성이 증대되었습니다.
링크를 통해 Lynx XG600을 자세하게 알아보세요.

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GER UVG-8 CNC Vertical Turret Grinder

Mid-size and large sized vertical grinding machines have taken another evolutionary step. The turret type is a machine that can significantly contribute to streamlining machining of medium and large parts thanks to its turret which houses a surface grinding spindle, different combinations of internal grinding spindles and part probes.This machine enables high-precision multi-process grinding of I.D., O.D., and end face surfaces in one chucking, offering process innovation. The elegant mechanical design, in combination with powerful software, will deliver extreme productivity and precision.

The UVG vertical universal grinders are the last step on the GER development of vertical grinding centres. Equipped with multi-spindle wheel heads integrating a measuring prove the machine allows best accuracy proven results in valuable parts cylindrical grinding of the same. Job capacities go up to 1800 mm external Dia, 500 mm height.

DiPaolo Machine Tools is the North American importer for all of GER product lines.

Since 1952, GER is a customer satisfaction driven company in constant evolution which establishes a real partnership with every client a grinding machine is delivered to, building the machine following his needs in all aspects. With over 6000 units installed since it's inception GER provides a long history as a market leader.




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